Dear Stranger to be rereleased

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from someone asking if Dear Stranger was available on Amazon because they’d looked for the book and couldn’t find it. I wasn’t sure anyone would notice that the book had been taken down this past week.

Here’s what’s going on. This month marks the second anniversary of when the book was published through Totally Bound and my contract was up for renewal. I had a lovely experience working with this publisher … I learned a lot about preparing a book for release and they were everything one could have hoped for with a digital-first publisher. However, I’ve since been spoiled by the control that comes with publishing independently – having complete control of your covers, blurbs, pricing, keywords, etc., and being able to change these things if something isn’t working. So instead of renewing the contract, I asked for all rights to be reverted to me.

I have a new cover for the book (which I will be showing off soon!) and will be rereleasing it with a lower price (one more in line with prices of historical romance novellas today) once it has come down from all ebook retailers. I really love the new cover and hope you will, too!

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