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Beguiling the Earl

Catherine Evans knows the Earl of Kerrick is the one man for her. During her first season, she hopes he will come to feel the same way about her.

Kerrick has tried to see his best friend’s sister-in-law as a younger sister. But just when he realizes his feelings for her go much deeper than friendship, duty compels him to court another woman.

It is supposed to be a brief courtship in name only, but outside forces seem determined to see Kerrick married to that other woman and to keep him and Catherine apart.

Beguiling the Earl is book 2 in the Landing a Lord series. Read the first chapter here.

Lady Hathaway Cover


Lady Hathaway’s Indecent Proposal

The newly widowed Miranda Hathaway asks her former love, the Earl of Sanderson, to help her conceive a child—one whom she means to pass off as the next Hathaway heir. Miranda knows she is infertile, but her deception gives her three weeks with Sanderson. He plans to use that time to finally consign Miranda Hathaway to the past, while she hopes to build memories that will last her a lifetime.

Lady Hathaway’s Indecent Proposal is book 1 in the two-book Hathaway Heirs series. Read the first chapter of this novella here.



Loving the Marquess cover


Loving the Marquess

To save her family from destitution, Louisa Evans must turn to the head of the family that ruined hers. But the Marquess of Overlea hides a secret that will turn her whole world upside down.

Loving the Marquess is book 1 in the Landing a Lord series. Read the first chapter here.



Dancing with the Duke

The Duke of Clarington intends to stay far away from all the young ladies and eager mamas hoping to ensnare a duke that Season. But his plan falls into tatters when he sees Charlotte Grant again for the first time in many years.

Dancing with the Duke is a prequel novella to the Landing a Lord series. Read an excerpt from this novella here.




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